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Lavender Landings reimagines business communications. We create digital materials that can be interactive, engaging and accessed on-demand…....perfect for today’s audiences that may be dispersed over miles and time zones. Our 3D process facilitates dialogue and the dissemination of information while our data analytics reports measure the degree of engagement for internal and external communications.

Who benefits from our approach?

............ businesses that produce internal and external communications

African American Business Man
Professional Firms
Young business woman
Franchises Associations
Pretty Asian Woman with Crossed Arms
Human Resources

We help professional firms promote their rainmakers

......because people do business with those they know, like and trust

African American Business Man
African American Business Man
Professional Firms

The first step to acquiring new clients is to differentiate the company and individuals from the competition.

Professional firms have a special need to gain the trust of prospective clients and retain the ones they already have. We accomplish this by embedding each rainmaker’s video or audio narration into the company’s marketing pieces. This allows each professional to project their true authentic self and begin the journey of “know, like and trust”.

We use imagery, video and storytelling to enhance technical information for laypeople. Adding interactive comments makes the user experience friendlier which is a boon to client satisfaction and retention.

We help franchises recruit new franchisees & support existing ones

...... to help the franchise grow and promote the uniqueness of the individual franchisee

Young business woman
Franchises Associations

We make franchisors looking to recruit more franchisees stand apart from competitors with recruiting materials that are unique, memorable and interactive.

We transform training materials and manuals that capture the attention of viewers of all learning styles....”how to” videos, narrated pages, interactive comments, keyword searches and more. We believe in show and tell, not just tell.

We help franchisors support their franchisees by creating marketing pieces that humanize the individual franchisee for their markets while reinforcing the brand.

We help human resources departments get their message heard

........... so the corporate culture is transmitted and employee retention is increased

Pretty Asian Woman with Crossed Arms
Pretty Asian Woman with Crossed Arms
Human Resources

We transform training materials by making them interactive and multimedia, appealing to viewers of all learning styles. We can even create materials that can be navigated as self-directed journeys.

We make team collaboration more efficient with on-demand materials that include contextual comments in voice, audio or text.

We create engaging e-zines that foster connections throughout the virtual workplace. Companies with engaged employees experience less turnover.

We provide the analytics that informs management as to who and how employees are engaging so strategic decisions going forward can be based on real data.


Today’s white-collar workers are very likely to not be working at a common physical location. Clients are dispersed. Despite the universal adoption of virtual meetings, scheduling and collaboration can still be an issue.

In addition, reliance on electronic devices has impacted how people consume information. Attention spans have decreased, with more attention paid to images, especially moving ones…..And social media has trained people to view information in a non-linear way.

We created the 3D process to transform traditional messaging to conform with the way today’s audiences consume information.



A Man Holding a Tablet While Communicating with a Woman

Our comments feature is unique. Comments can be made on any page by video, audio or text. “Comments” are moderated and contextual. This allows remote teams to work together more efficiently and creates a smoother user experience for clients and prospects looking for answers about your products or services.



Who isn’t frustrated by overflowing email inboxes? While email is not going away anytime soon, we put inboxes on a diet. Each communication piece we create has a unique URL which means it can be deployed in numerous ways. Internal pieces like manuals or team projects can reside on the company intranet with or without a password for access on a “need-to-know” basis

Marketing pieces like newsletters, e-zines or brochures can be installed on desktops or have unlimited distribution via social media. That means no additional costs for distribution and updates or edits can be accomplished easily and globally.

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Analytics are important for determining the ROI on your website development costs or your newsletters. Now with our digital communications pieces, you can determine how effective your messaging is be it internal materials or marketing collateral. …right down to the I.P. address.

Make your communications more engaging, versatile & cost effective

  • Brochures
  • Presentations
  • Journals
  • Manuals
  • Booklets
  • Event Invitations

Q. What is the difference between a website and a landing page?

A. Websites feature all the products and services of a company. They can sometimes be difficult to navigate because they have to contain so much information. Landing pages are more focused. They usually feature one product, service or practice area. Our landing pages are unique in that they promote individuals while still conveying the company brand and message.

Q. My company has a website. Why would I need a landing page?

A. Lavender Landings promote individuals while maintaining the company brand and messaging. Every person is unique and featuring them makes them memorable to their audience. It is the first step in creating a bond with an audience to further the business relationship. To the best of our knowledge, no other company is giving individuals this type of competitive edge with marketing collateral.

Q. How are your landing pages used?

A. Lavender Landings' deliverable is a unique URL that can be embedded in email campaigns, email signature blocks, social media or websites. We also generate QR codes that can be embedded on print materials, promotional materials and business cards. Our landing pages are used for promoting individuals & companies, recruiting, fundraising, invitations, client educational and journals. We can create a multimedia digital version of anything that is traditionally printed.

Q. What’s can be included in a narrated landing page?

A. Any digital asset! Each landing page is customized to the company’s needs. There can be one video or audio narration per page. We can create new copy or use what already exists. As this is a digital product, any digital asset can be included; audio, video, URLs, PDFs, PNGs, JPGs, widgets of all sorts. Contact us for more specific information.

Q. Why do you focus on video narrations?

A. Lavender Landings helps each associate in a company be memorable by capturing their personas on video and embedding it into company approved landing pages in the form of: digital brochures, invitations, booklets.

People do business with people they know, like and trust. We help build that bond.

Q. All this customization sounds expensive, why should a company invest in your landing pages?

A. Narrated digital marketing collateral, unlike other print material, is multifunctional as well as memorable. The deliverable is a URL which can be distributed via email, social media and via QR code on, promotional and print materials like business cards or in place of business cards. Distribution can be infinite with no mailing or reprint costs. Embedding links to the company website drives traffic and increases the ROI on website development costs.

Q. Do testimonials really work?

A. YES! That’s why we at Lavender Landings encourage our clients to include video testimonials of the people who have benefited from their product or service in the custom pieces we create.

There are numerous benefits of customer testimonials word-of-mouth marketing, free promotion, elevated brand reputation, increased conversion rates. Quotes from clients are good, but video has a far greater impact on your SEO and engaging your viewers

Q. What is the difference between most landing pages and Lavender Landings?

Ours are individually narrated

Ours promote individual associates to make them memorable

Ours can take on any format, from simple flyers to reports of 100 pages.


After years in the financial industry and before that in technology, I concluded that companies spend lots of money and resources on promoting their brand and products. They do nothing to help promote the people who bring in the business…the rainmakers and salespeople.

That was the start of my journey. I began creating materials for myself that employ multiple digital assets, materials that would distinguish me from both competitors and colleagues. It wasn’t long before I realized that what I was doing for myself, I could do for others…thus the founding of NEXUS digital.

The next step is my journey was realizing that social media and the proliferation of alternate work arrangements have forever altered the behavior of audiences both socially and in business: attention spans have shortened, reliance on text has diminished, audiences may be dispersed over miles and time zones weakening bonds among colleagues all while the inbox email monster keeps growing.

Lavender Landings addresses these obstaceles with a process we call Communicating in 3D. The expansion of mission required new branding which resulted in Lavender Landings as a dba for NEXUS digital.

Businesses for the most part have not altered their approach to addressing this new reality. Lavender Landings created a process to help companies transform their communications so they are more aligned with how audiences, internal or external, consume information.

Lynn Lavender

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